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Alexander Walker's Training Page

New Intern!

The CTE (Career & Technical Education) department has a new addition to it's team, Alexander Walker.  Alexander Walker is a Student at Ronald Wilson Reagan Internation Bachaloriate College Preperatory HighSchool, who took advantage of his College & Career Center and YA (Youth Apprenticeship) Opprotunity, to land himself an Internship at MPS. In collaboration with the CTE team, Alexander will be learning to update the MPS website, and thrive in a proffesional office setting. 

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Somethings you might need to know about the new Intern:
intern smiling and providing a thumbs up

  • He's a little bit shy
  • He needs to be fed at least 3 times a day
  • He appriciates company
  • He's really disapointed he cound't publish the picture of himself smiling and doing a thumbs up, but he hasn't lost hope that the webmaster will approve the image.
  • He's working really hard on his Titan Training

MPS offers a large array of opprotunities for students, like Alexander, to learn, create, and explore. If you're are considering taking a page out of Alexander's book, try checking out this information brochure


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  What's the intern's favorite food?

Alex, the intern's favorite food is by far mozzerella sticks.

  Can I have the internship?

NO! it's mine -Alex

  What else is he good at?

He can sing, and the newest model intern can do dishes, make dinner, and do laundry too! 

  What are his weaknesses?

As previously mentioned, Mozzerella sticks.

  Where can I get more information on youth apprenticeships?
  What steps did you need to take to get the internship
  • Weekly talks with my College and Career Center teacher
  • Good interview practices
  • Signing up for the YA (Youth Apprentiship) program 

Contact Information

Name:  Alexander Walker

Phone:  1 (414) 949-9600


Office: Career Technical Information


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