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8th grade students at high school selection fairFreeform Block

The Titan File Pile Management training on the Freeform Block was very effective and to the point. In doing this training, I learned how to do the following:


  • How would you use a Freeform Block to present your content?
  • What are your favorite features?
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  What are some reasons you would use this block?
  • Standard website Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Link to multiple headings on longer pages
  • Can be used for anchor type of navigation
  What are some features of FAQ blocks?
  • Each question is programmed as a link to the answer, no need to create the link
  • Easily add, edit, using the Freeform editor
  • Ability to reorder your questions and answers
  • Apply bullets and numbering
  • Link to internal or external links, documents, or an email address
  • Add graphics to your FAQ block using the Image Picker
  How do I update block attributes?
  1. Go to your training page
  2. Create a new Freeform block with “Contact Us” information
  3. Enter contact information into the block
  4. Close the Freeform editor and select Edit Block attributes from the Block Action Bar.
  5. When the Block Properties window displays, select the Block Zone “Right.”
  6. Click “OK” and update your block
  7. Preview your change
  8. Publish your page
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